License Agreement

This license agreement applies to all paid and all free products👍

✅ One simple License for everything

All products on have the same simple license terms.

✅ Commercial Use

Use all items in personal and commercial projects, without limitations. This means on TV, in commercials, on social media, in games, and anywhere else!

✅ Valid Forever

Few things last forever, but our product license does. Once you buy a product from, you can use it forever and always!

✅ Unlimited Use

All products on can be used as many times as you want, for any project.

✅ Mass Duplication

When using an item downloaded on in your project, you can duplicate and sell it as many times as you want. Whether you distribute your project a million times or your video gets a million streams, our unlimited license covers it all.

✅ Worldwide Usage

You can use all our products everywhere in the world (and Galaxy). Wherever you live and wherever you distribute your project, you’re fully covered with our unlimited license.

❌ No reselling or redistributing

It’s forbidden to resell or redistribute the items on in any way. Example: It is forbidden to download a product and resell the product itself. However, it isn’t forbidden to use our products in your project and sell the project as a total package.


This is everything that you should know.
If you want to read the full license agreement, you can do so here.

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